a drain pipe coming out of my gas furnace equipment

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem - Richard, My furnace is leaking water. It is summer time so I am not using it for heat except for the blower fan which is hooked up to the air conditioner and the heat. I know the pipes from the outside units run into a box on top of the furnace.

Is Water Leaking from Your Furnace? Here’s - Cabrillo

If the leaking pipe is loed near your furnace, it can create the illusion that your furnace is leaking water. In addition, a stoppage may cause a back-up through a floor drain. If there is significant flooding and your furnace is partially submerged, it should be shut down immediately and inspected.

Why is there condensation on the vent pipe of our furnace

Why is there condensation on the vent pipe of our Bryant furnace? If I let the furnace just drain condensation onto my basement floor, Today water was dripping from plug next to the cpvc pipe coming out of the unit just above the furnace. The cpvc slopes down to a drain.

Why did yellowish water/fluid come out of our furnace

Why did yellowish water/fluid come out of our furnace? We have a gas furnace for our radiator heat. The unit is the original from the 1940s and was serviced recently, just before we bought the house. We turned it on so that the pipes wouldn''t freeze when the temperature dropped recently.

Condensate Line to Sewer Pipe, NSPC | Terry Love Pluing

7/6/2010· Turns out my condensate line from the furnace/AC unit that terminates outside froze causing backup into the house. Had a pluer come out and give me an estimate to reloe the pipe inside so it won''t freeze. He suggested connecting it to the sewer pipe and using a trap to prevent sewer gas from backing up. Sounds scary to me!

How to Fix a Furnace Leaking Water -

20/8/2015· I need to know how to fix a furnace leaking water. I’m assuming your basement didn’t flood, and now you think the furnace is leaking water when it is really drying out. No, the basement has not flooded, though I wonder about …

What are the two PVC pipes on a gas furnace

Should supply line coming out of hot water tank have a drop down leg in it to keep the tank from gas, steam but all are pipe fitters. Can a two-stage AC furnace be converted into a variable speed dc furnace without buying a new furnace? With the retrofitting your old furnace with new equipment or taking steps at home to improve

Gurgling furnace pipe that sometimes expels water

Attached a picture of my setup. When the furnace kicks on, there is a loud gurgling (and I can see it bubbling) comes from the vertical pipe on the left. Eventually it starts spewing out due to the force. My home was constructed 2 years ago and this never happened before. It first started gurgling a few days ago and then only last night to it

Furnace drain pipe into drain stack? - Handyman WIRE

29/7/2008· Perhaps the way the HVAC person installed the drain the first time around is already sufficient. There is about a 4" long piece coming down out of the furnace that is ~1/2 inch diameter PVC. That piece runs into a 8" long piece coming up from the rest of the drain pipe …

HVAC guys - why is there water in my furnace fan (the

4/1/2011· (gas furnace, not talking about the main blower, and just crawled back up in the attic again to check on it (since no hot air was coming out) and it had water in there again [ARCHIVED THREAD] - HVAC guys - why is there water in my furnace fan (the small exhaust fan)? ARCHIVED;

Condensation Drain line question

25/4/2019· Blow-through systems are common when cooling coils are attached to a gas or oil furnace, water leaking through the pan can be mistaken for an overflowing blocked drain. Mistaking a rusted-out pan for a simple blocked drain can be The pipe. My personal experience has shown me that condensate drainpipes get little attention during system

Drain Pain: Furnace Condensate Proves Tricky to Manage

Drain Pain: Furnace Condensate Proves Tricky to Manage High-efficiency boilers, To squeeze 90% or more of the heat energy out of a gas flame, you have to condense the water vapor out of the exhaust into liquid form and recover the heat of evaporation from it. And if the fluid sits in a pipe …

Why is water leaking from the furnace pipe in my attic

3/7/2018· I have a gas furnace that is approx 10 years old. There is a 5 inch galvanized furnace vent pipe in the attic that goes out the roof. Water is leaking from the seams of this pipe when the furnace …

Basics and finer points of troubleshooting gas furnaces

The following checklist will help jog your memory on how to properly troubleshoot a gas-fired furnace. Basics and finer points of troubleshooting gas furnaces. June 1, 2000. or the correct vent pipe rising off the furnace. The pipe off of the inducer should rise up at least 1 …

HVAC condensation drain line vent cap - Home Inspection

Help! I ran across a furnace with a AC unit. The condensation is draining out of the over flow line into the pan. The over flow is higher than the main drain. Is this happing because the main drains vent cap is closed? It should be open..rrect? The fan is blowing the condensation out of the path of least restiance. When I remove the cap

When to Buy a Condensate Neutralizer | Welter Heating

What is a condensate neutralizer? As its name implies, condensate neutralizers filter and neutralize water by-products, making them safe to dispose of down the drain. With professional help, a condensate neutralizer can be attached to the drainage pipe coming out of your furnace in order to neutralize waste water. How do condensate neutralizers

Gas Piping | The ASHI Reporter | Inspection News & Views

Gas piping can''t be run through chimneys or duct systems. Shut-off valve . Although there are some exceptions, most appliances should have a shut-off valve adjacent to them. Bonding gas piping. Most authorities do not allow the use of gas piping as a grounding means for the electrical service.

Why Is My Gas Furnace Leaking Water?

Why Is My Gas Furnace Leaking Water? This means it can it can extract heat from gases for longer than a low-efficiency furnace. The condensation should drain out of your home through a drain. If not, If you have a standard-efficiency furnace then the problem may be that the flue pipe …

Water Leaks - Pipe on Side of House - Magic Touch Mechanical

Regardless if you have gas heating from a furnace, If you see water coming out of a pipe on the side or rear of your home up high, By code this valve must be hooked up to a rigid copper drain pipe and run to the exterior of the home. If water is rushing out of this pipe,

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I have a Goodman GMH 950703BXAC furnace and I have to …

I have a Goodman GMH 950703BXAC furnace and I have to much moisture in my house. When the furnace is running is water supposed to drain out of the coustion air housing drain? When the furnace stops water drains out of the drain hole but does not drain during operation.

Gurgling sound from furnace exhaust pipe - DIY Appliance

27/3/2006· Upon investigating I discovered that the loud gurgling sound was actually coming from a pvc pipe that attached to the furnace (gas powered). It comes out of the funace, goes up a few feet, then runs horizontal a few feet then continues vertical through the ceiling.

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water? | Angie''s List

My question is: could the exhaust from the furnace be causing the water problem? The water leak appears 3 to 4 feet below where the exhaust pipe connects to the chimney. I don''t know why the installer of the high efficiency furnace didn''t use a PVC vent pipe directly out …

Rheem RGRL Condensate Drain Problem

Rheem RGRL Condensate Drain Problem as well as the pipe coming out of the trap. Right now the condensate line is running out of the furnace to a "t" with a 6" tall drain vent tube vertically and the other side of the "t" is running into a bucket so that we have as little restriction as possible to the drain.

Plastic Vent Pipes for High-Efficiency Condensing Furnaces

Traditional gas-fired, forced-air furnaces produce hot coustion exhaust gasses and therefore need metal vent pipes, or chimneys. In contrast, modern high-efficiency condensing furnaces exhaust much cooler gasses and need only plastic pipe materials—such as PVC, CPVC, or …

Condensate in furnace exhaust pipe - Home Improvement

10/11/2011· A. is equipment D. is exhaust pipe R. is radiator hose clamp E. is looped drain pipe. Loop is important so to make a "trap" so that flue gas does not come back inside. Edit: You can do this your self. All you really need to do IF it is a horizontal flue it to cut a "T" connector in to the pipe …

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