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Steam Mains and Drainage

In normal operation, steam may flow along the main at speeds of up to 145 km/h, dragging condensate along with it. Figure 10.3.2 shows a 15 mm drain pipe connected directly to the bottom of a main. Although the 15 mm pipe has sufficient capacity, it is unlikely to capture much of the condensate moving along the main at high speed.


29/4/2017· The first in a few videos about hot to fit and install waste pipe. 110mm size is standard in the UK. We show you how to cut, how to fit together, how to measure and how to add bosses, and branches.

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Lightweight and strong, Waste Pipe and Fittings are used primarily to join appliances to the waste network in the building and carry it away. There are a few colour options available, Black, Grey and White and they can all be used with products from other manufacturers providing the …

Practical Caravan: Water drainage from shower and sinks (1/2)

In reply to the OP regarding connecting to site drain, we use about a foot of flexible pipe connected to caravan, after that white rigid piping, domestic type from B&Q, kept off the ground, with a slope to the drain, we carry various lengths and connectors so we can adapt to wherever the drain is, and never get a problem with water draining slowly


Guidance Notes on Road Pavement Drainage Design . 1. Introduction . This set of Guidance Notes updates and replaces the 1994 version of Road Note 6 as the standard for road pavement drainage design. 2. Background . Flooded width : The width of water flow measuring from the kerbline to the flow’s outer-edge. This flow of water is designed to be

Waste pipes - Gradient - length and connection to Soil

3/9/2019· Waste pipes - Gradient - length and connection to Soil Stack. Discussion in ''Pluing and Central Heating'' started by HomerHart, The main questions I have are around the pipe gradient, siphonage, at all times you need a fall of at least 2.5 degrees which equals roughly 40 mm vertical for every meter horizontal.

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5. Connect to drainage pipe We recommend replacing drainage pipes with diameter less than 50 mm. This may be the case in renovation projects, where there a shower tray has been installed. First connect the (linear) shower drain to the drainage pipe and make sure that the drain pipe has sufficient slope.

Drainage features and compliance when building

every branch drain over 10 m in length must be ventilated; vent pipes must be loed so that there is less than 10 m of upstream drain; vent pipes must be loed downstream of the discharge pipe that is closest to the head of the drain – to allow for regular flushing at the point where the vent connects with the drain.

Installing a Residential Sewer Line

For example, if the pipe meets the city main at a depth of 6 feet and it starts at the house at a depth of 4 feet, the total drop is 2 feet. If the pipe run is 80 feet, the slope is: 2/80 = 0.025 or 2.5 percent. The standard minimum slope for laterals (in most areas) is 2 percent, or 2 feet of drop per 100 feet of run. The actual slope can be

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In high groundwater conditions a perforated plastic (PVC or PE) pipe is laid along the base of the drain to increase the volume of water transported in the drain. Alternatively, a prefabried plastic drainage system made of HDPE, often incorporating geotextile, coco fiber or rag filters can be considered.

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3/12/2012· House built in 1948. I had a pluing contractor install a floor drain in the basement laundry room, as the original basement floor drain was blocked by a previous owner who installed a 2nd shower stall. The contractor installed the drain close to the drain pipe beneath the concrete floor and near the water heater pan overflow tube.

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28/11/2009· d.i.y french drain.advice This would would be the max. permitted height of your drainage piping at the upper part of the pipe. You should go deeper, you actually have to to get a slope, to let the water drain freely. About the slope: water will drain at 2%,

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Contact our drainage experts for advice on which best suits your requirements. If you''re unable to find the drain pipe or soil pipe which suits your needs, ask us about it! Land Drainage Pipes. Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of methods for solving surface water drainage issues thanks to land drainage pipe.

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Drainage gradient (DG) is a term in road design, defined as the coined slope due to road surface cross slope (CS) and longitudinal slope (hilliness). Although the term may not be used, the concept is also used in roof design and landscape architecture. If the drainage gradient is too low, rain and melt water drainage will be insufficient.

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The minimum sewer pipe drain slope is directly correlated to the diameter of the pipe in inches. For example, a pipe diameter of 4 inches would have a minimum sewer pipe drain slope of 0.0084.

Installing a Residential Sewer Line

For example, if the pipe meets the city main at a depth of 6 feet and it starts at the house at a depth of 4 feet, the total drop is 2 feet. If the pipe run is 80 feet, the slope is: 2/80 = 0.025 or 2.5 percent. The standard minimum slope for laterals (in most areas) is 2 percent, or 2 feet of drop per 100 feet of run. The actual slope can be

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Pipe Diameter (inches) Minimum Slope (feet/foot) n=0.013 2.5 feet per second 3 feet per second 12 0.003 0.0044 15 0.0023 0.0032 18 0.0018 0.0025 24 0.0012 0.0017 6. Pipe Elevations at Structures: Pipe crowns differing in diameter, branch, or trunk lines …

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A constantly damp or wet yard is not optimal for lush green grass, but it''s perfect for molds, mildew and moss. Whether your yard was never properly graded or it has settled or eroded over time, there are ways that you can get your grass looking healthy again with no muddy or soggy spots. A …

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The centre of the pipe itself can be thought of as one big pore. Therefore, in a collector drain, there is a ''gradient'' of hydrostatic pressure from the soil, via the bedding into the pipe, along which the groundwater will migrate to the point of lowest hydrostatic pressure, ie, the inside of the pipe.

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3/12/2012· Slope on waste pipe. Post by PeterVincent » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:43 pm Hi I am putting in a shower with a pumped drain into a washing machine trap. That is a U trap with a vertical inlet pipe of about 1 meter. The outlet of the washing machine trap is to go a 4 inch soil pipe via a strap on boss.

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Wavin is Ireland''s leading manufacturer of plastic pipes for pluing, waste and sewer systems, roof drainage, stormwater management and underfloor heating products.

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1.2.1 Traps 7 1.2.2 Branch pipes 8 1.2.3 Discharge stacks 11 1.2.4 Access for clearing blockages 12 1.2.5 Materials for pipes, fittings and joints 12 1.2.6 Airtightness 12 1.3 Foul wastewater drainage - pipework underground 13 1.3.1 General 13 1.3.2 Layout 13 1.3.3 Depth of pipe cover 13 1.3.4 Pipe gradients and sizes 14

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An expansion head pushes the old pipe forward while pulling the new pipe in from behind, negating the need to dig. Soil is compacted as the expansion head moves forward, creating a solid area for the new pipe to remain at a positive slope. Another method is sliplining. This technique slips a smaller pipe within the old pipe.

How I Fixed the Drainage Problem on My Property: Digging a

24/2/2017· Finally got the drainage problem fixed, or at least under control for now. Our property always had water drainage problems in 1 particular spot but that''s all been solved now with a nice sunny day and the backhoe. It took 2 …

Flexible plastic drain pipe : Do NOT use in French Drain.

Rigid PVC drainage pipe has replaced the ceramic or clay drain tile used in the past. And it is much easier to install. Another advantage of the rigid PVC drain pipe is that allows you to easy set your pipes at the proper slope, and it stays in place as you install your French drain pipes.

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